La Caze Mama Cafe

Our showcase of Mauritian cuisine is now open at Dandenong Market. Come and visit us every market day.

How we give back

Everytime you buy a Mauritian product imported by La Caze Mama, 50c of your dollar goes back to supporting small and medium sized businesses who employ low skilled people in Mauritius. You must be very proud of your contribution to your motherland.

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Introducing a plethora of tasty delights!

We got great news for you—there’s a whole new range of wonderful new products! Treat yourself to a selection of Mauritian dessert mixes, preserves, and more!

Flan mixes

flan chocolate 300x300 - Home

Fruit Preserves

crystal olive 300x300 - Home

Eagle Brand Spices

eagle briani 300x300 - Home

Relaxing Teas

moringa tea 300x300 - Home

Veggie and Seafood Noodles

19 300x300 - Home


smoked marlin 300x300 - Home

Tantalise your tastebuds with these goodies from France 

Here are a few delicacies brought to you from La France:

LU La Barquette

013 3 300x300 - Home

A tasty little biscuit enjoyed by children everywhere! It brings…

LU Petit Ecolier Milk Chocolate

001 400x300 - Home

A sweet European treat that marries the great taste of milk…

LU Petit Ecolier Dark Chocolate

004 3 400x300 - Home

A delicious treat that brings together the rich taste…

LU La Barquette

000 5 300x300 - Home

Fresh, delicious biscuits with hazelnut chocolate, a wonderful…

Just one more thing, some old favourites are returning too: 

Bien Etre Eau de Cologne

Bien Etre Eau De Cologne 300x300 - Home

A favourite among Mauritians you and old, Bien Etre is…

Bois Cheri Ayapana Tea

29 300x300 - Home

Once called the “miracle tea”, Ayapana tea is known for its…

Best Selling Products

  • Bois Cheri 3 Pavillons Tea Bag



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