About Us

We started La Caze Mama in 2012 Simla and I (Girish), Mauritians by birth who came to Australia for their studies experienced an acute unavailability of Mauritian foods and groceries in Australia.

We made it our mission to bring those much loved Mauritian groceries into our adopted homeland. Hard work ensued and Mauritian groceries are now available in most states and where it’s not, people can buy online.

Our business strives to be at the forefront of promoting Mauritian foods and groceries and in doing so, contributes to small businesses in Mauritius all the while delighting our customers by delivering them those memories that they so cherish when buying Mauritian products.

50c of every dollar a Mauritian in Australia spends goes back to supporting the Mauritian economy. Currently we have 13 suppliers of a pool of about 20 who run small businesses employing less than 20 people with a turnover of less than MUR 5M per year. These small businesses employ low skilled people who have little education. In fact Mauritians in Australia support the equivalent of 200 full time jobs in Mauritius.

It’s a good news story and we want each and every one of our customer to know it.