We seek to celebrate the Mauritian diaspora in Australia. Celebrating the diversity, the longevity, the older Mauritian, the younger Mauritian, the Australian of Mauritian Ancestry and Mauritian culture in all its glorious dimensions. We have always been proponents of ‘Blue Ocean’ businesses and were keen to launch a unique concept in Mauritius. The range promotes the most popular international dishes to Mauritians.
Nu lidentiter, Dan liniter – Hand-in-hand we can make the difference and bring our unity to the rest of the world!

The  Story continues:

The next day, I set out with my sample box to visit the only 2 shops that were selling Mauritian foods, Pacific Mart in Hampton Park and Werribee Spice House in Werribee. Our research told us that there was a decent size Mauritian community in Melbourne but we weren’t sure how we would be received. Incredibly, Pacific Mart bought 2 pallets on the day and Werribee Spice House bought one. At the end of that day I remember driving back home getting a feeling that this could have mileage…