Karaye So

Competition Starts 1st April

How has your Mauritian food been lately?


Great, but repetitive? – Mauritian cuisine has evolved little over the last few decades, and we are on a mission to change this. ‘La Caza Mama’ is pleased to announce that it will bring the best Mauritian and Mauritian-inspired food in the world to you in the coming months.


Best of all, that great tasting food is coming from you! With our year long ‘Karaye So’ competition, we will be inviting great recipes, cooking videos and inspiration from around the globe. We’ll be offering a monthly prize and the chance to compete in a grand finale, showcasing the most delicious Mauritian inspired food from around the globe. The winner takes home $5,000 in cold hard cash and the world title of ‘Moi ki Chef’ 2020 edition.


Competition starts 1stApril and is open to everyone who loves Mauritian food around the world. Sharpen your knives, turbo boost your creativity and get ready for the most exciting Mauritian cooking competition

In respecting the art that cooking is, there are no firm rules as such but here are some guidelines

1. The Mauritian influence in your dish must be clearly highlighted. It will be helpful if you mention the inspiration dish in the recipe or the video. Giving the dish a unique name will be super cool

2. If a picture is worth 1000 words, a video is worth 1000 pictures so videos are highly encouraged. No need to be a professional but an accuracy is important

3. To the point above, please try to make it as accurate as possible so it does not leave the user guessing. Send us your video so we can edit and then post it

4. There are no limits to how many dishes you can submit

5. The more likes your dish receives, the higher it weighs in the shortlisting process

6. Submissions after the 25th of the month will be considered for the following month to give us time to shortlist and taste the dishes

7. A panel of 3 judges, all to be announced a day prior to the results (so we keep it fair for everybody and ensure you don’t influence the judge 😊 will taste the dishes and announce the winner

8. The month’s winner will feature as the ‘dish of the month’ at Delicious Mauritius, with the name of the winner clearly displayed. The month’s winner will also be in the running to win $5000 cash and be crowned 2020’s ‘Moi ki Séff’

Get your gear ready guys and let’s get cooking

Join the contest by submitting your Recipe at 


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