Our History – The Journey of The Non-settlers Arab & Portuguese Sailors

Mauritius had for a long time remained unknown and uninhabited. It was visited by Arab sailors during the Middle Ages, and on maps of about 1500, it is shown by an Arabic name ‘Dina Arobi’. The Portuguese sailor Domingo Fernandez Pereira was probably the first European to land on the island at around 1511. The island appears with a Portuguese name ‘Cirne’ on early Portuguese maps, probably because of the presence of the Dodo, a flightless bird which was found in great numbers at that time.

The  Story continues:

It all started with a craving for Mauritian Briani but one made using Lazzat’s Briani spice, like my Mum use to make it. When I found out that there was none available in Australia, Simla and I decided that we should look to bring some as there would be many like us, craving a taste of home but finding it difficult to satisfy that craving…