The Mauritian program on @3zzz Mauritian Radio on 92.3 FM has been a great friend and supporter of La Caze Mama over these last 10 years.
When we started we were determined to let Mauritians in Melbourne know what was on offer and where they were being sold. In the first year, as we would add a new shop, we would let the radio know and they would announce it on the radio. They would also help us with telling people about tasting sessions and other specials.
They have been instrumental in the rapid spread of awareness about La Caze Mama with the Mauritian community in Melbourne and in Australia. We would like to offer our deepest gratitude to the radio team for their support over these 10 years…
Let’s Eat!
Every happy occasion is celebrated around food. Food is at the heart of how we bond and enjoy one another. In fact, good food is a celebration of life!

La Caze Mama understands the power that food has in building stronger bonds and communities.

Our purpose is simple. We harness the power of our rustic cuisine to build a stronger Mauritian community worldwide.

Nu lidentiter, Dan liniter – Our Identity is in our Unity!