As we were getting ready to start this business, and in our first few years of doing business, many people, Mauritians, told us that we were making a mistake starting this business, that it was not worth doing business with Mauritians, that Mauritians are not very supportive of one another, that many have tried before us and failed.

We were new to this and while that had its drawbacks, it also had its perks. We were dreamers and were unburdened by the weight of history, but above all, we believed differently about Mauritians and the Mauritian community.

We knew that a great section of the Mauritian community would cheer and support us. 10 years later, we are convinced that we were and are right about this.

We have for too long been told that we are a disunited lot and a fragmented identity. Repetition of this has made many of us believe this without realising that we are where we are today because of our unity and support for one another.

As we celebrate 10 years later, we would like to thank each one of you who has at some point tried the products we bring. We believe in Mauritians and in Mauritius, just like many of you…

Nu lidentiter, Dan liniter – Our Identity is in our Unity!